February 13,2012

5 Emiratis Join Mafraq Hospital’s Nursing Education Program

Mafraq Hospital, which is owned and operated by Abu Dhabi Health Services Company PJSC (SEHA), has announced that 5 Emirati Nurses have joined the Hospital's Nursing Education Program, marking the biggest batch of Emirati Nurses to have taken part in the program at one time. The Nursing Education program is designed to manage continuous training and development for nursing staff and members of other clinical teams.

The overall program will last 12 months, after which the new Emirati nurses will have gained valuable professional developmental experience in nursing practice. Throughout the program, the nurses will work with an instructor in a variety of areas that include medical, surgical, and paediatric inpatient areas. By the final stages of the program, the participating nurses can select an area to focus on: one of the critical care areas, the operating room, or the emergency department.

"We are pleased to have such enthusiastic nationals in our nursing education program and we look forward to many more as we are fully committed to Emiratization", said Gail Smith, Chief Nursing Officer, Mafraq Hospital. "Having UAE National nurses on our team is important for us and for our patients; these nurses are leading the way for future generations to be an integral part of the future of healthcare in the UAE."

The Nursing Education program takes the form of peer validation; nursing skills are validated at the bed side as well as in the skills lab. The process enables peers to assess each others' practices in a non-threatening and supportive environment and is there to increase the standard of care provided whilst identifying those individuals in the organization that can act as role models.

Gail Smith, continued: "The primary objective of the nursing education program is to ensure that all our nurses are equipped with the necessary knowledge and know-how to be able to give evidence based professional standard of care. We strongly believe that education is the key to a successful organization and therefore, our effort is to continuously support our nurses with formal training that moulds them into caring and knowledgeable professionals competent to take on the care of any client,"

"Mafraq Hospital is part of the SEHA Healthsystem and this means our standards are set high and we need to be on a par with world class hospitals regionally and internationally. Education helps us maintain our edge and ensure our patients satisfaction," she added.

"Talent development and continuous learning is fully embraced by Mafraq Hospital. We have acquired great nursing skills by working alongside talented people from all over the world. Together we have achieved a lot in a short period of time, and we are confident that we will continue to grow and develop our skills", said Muna Al Baloushi, one of the five nurses, currently working in the Emergency Room as a staff nurse.

As of November 2011, the Nurse Education Program has trained over 17,000 people, including clinical resource nurses andmembers of the Health Authority Abu Dhabi (HAAD).The program has invested, and continues to invest, in Human Resources, software, hardware, as well as the latest technology.